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One night in 1982 a teenager comes home from school. He receives a call from Mrs Gallagher, his neighbour, an invalid woman with Alzheimer's disease. She can't turn on the TV, she's not very good with technology, so she convinces the young man to help her with the television, not knowing that he was about to live the worst experience of his life.

Languages - English, Spanish 

Una noche de 1982 un adolescente vuelve a casa después del colegio. Recibe una llamada de la Señora Gallagher, su vecina, una mujer enferma de Alzheimer e inválida. Ella es incapaz de encender la tele, no se lleva muy bien con la tecnología, así que convence al joven para ayudarle con la televisión sin saber que iba a vivir la peor experiencia de su vida.

Idiomas - Español, Inglés

If this is your first time playing, take a look at the updates to improve the experience and work on future updates. 


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OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10

Processor: AMD FX-6100/Intel i3 or Equivalent

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 360 2GB/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070  or Equivalent


OS: 64-bit Windows 10

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X/Intel i5 or Equivalent

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB/ Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 8GB or Equivalent

Contact me:  visceralerror@gmail.com


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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The Gallagher Case-64bits v1.0.3.rar 878 MB

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Really enjoyed this, You saved my Youtube with this one. great game.


Short, simple and scary. Loved it! Thank you!


Коротко, просто и очень страшно. Игра понравилась. Спасибо!



Oh wow! This game is well made and got me good with the jump scares! So glad I got this game! Game here:

Please subscribe!

Thanks for your comment and thanks for the video!


Not a bad game at all, but unfortunately poorly implemented in parts, which makes the game experience really bad, and the performance of the game is really good!

Thank you very much for your comment and for your video, I will continue working to make the experience the best possible, I am the only person working on this project and I have given my best, unfortunately I have not been up to the task for everyone and I will continue working on many aspects to be polished within this game and in the following ones, greetings and thanks again!


I think the concept, look and overall feel of this game is fantastic, I love the murky interior, really makes it feel stuffy and the premise of the story is fantastic. 

I had quite a few troubles with the puzzles. Not necessarily the solving part but the getting the right click in to activate the solution. I think this could be adjusted a little, so the click windows are a bit more forgiving. Personally, I had a pretty annoying time with the fuse box and the TV part which kind of ruined my mood for the rest of the game. Not gonna lie, it was a struggle :D

But it’s a follow from me because those are things that can easily be fixed and I liked the general concept and atmosphere, so keep on keeping on!


thank you very much for your comment and for your video, I will keep working to make the experience as good as possible. 


Despite my criticism, there's already so much great about this, that I think you'll be one to watch for indie horror games in the future, that whole mood of standing in front of the house at the start of the game alone and then entering this yellowy-murky house is such a mood!


Excellent game 

I recorded a video with Chinese translation

Thanks for your comment and thanks for the video! 

My screen resolution is 1680X1050, is there a solution?

I'm afraid not, I don't know if there is any way to run the game in another resolution from the executable file, the game is developed from the global resolution. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I will work so that it does not happen again, greetings and thanks for your comment. 


Is there a way to force the resolution of the game to be adjusted? I want the resolution of the game to be smaller


there is no way to do it, the game is developed to be played at 1080x1920 given the minimum and maximum requirements


I really enjoyed playing this game though it was very short imo and the ending felt rushed, still good for the price, very scary!! Come and check it out 



Thanks for your support, I loved the video!

comprei e o download não liberou. Como faço para baixar?

Hello, the files are active for download, you can download the itchio app to facilitate the download, so that problem has to be due to the website or the application, I recommend that you try again. A greeting!


I'm having a little difficulty getting the rar file opened on Win 11. I am using 7zip but the error attached comes up - can't work out what I'm doing wrong?

Hello! It seems that the error comes from windows 11, all the devices used to run the game have used Win 10, I advise you to try to unzip the file using Winrar or download the itchio app that directly installs the game on your computer without problems.


Thank you - I didn't know there was an app! LOL, thanks again :)

Thanks to you for the support! 🖤✝🖤✝


I enjoyed playing this game. What a Story and ending. The Gameplay was smooth as can be and lets not forget about the Fear inducing environment and Mrs.Gallagher. I thought she was going to be prowling at every corner. Can't wait until I catch your next project.


wow that gives me more encouragement to continue working, I really appreciate your comment, thank you very much for your support and your words


el juego es una pasada 100% recomendable

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Hey VisceralError! This was a cool short game. It was an improvement from the last horror game you made. There are some good scary moments. However, I did find a small glitch where if you died at the tv part, the medicine cabinet would reset as well. So you could pick up an extra bottle of amphetamine every time you load the game. The monster was creepy, but slightly confusing. Was I looking at the chin or a tongue when I was being attacked? I thought the story was very spooky. Thanks for the making the game. Keep it up!

Thanks for your comment and for the video! I'm working on fixing the bugs but I'm the only one working on this project, I'll keep adding updates to the game, thanks again for your support!

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I very much enjoyed this one. I wish it was a little longer as I felt like it ended quite abruptly, but overall this was well made and really quite scary at times too.

Thank you so much for your words, I loved the video and I love your channel, you played one of my games when I was just starting to study development. Thanks for your support!


Im stuck. After getting into the closet under the stairs. No fuse and I can't go anywhere without dying.

Hi Max! Thanks for your comment. Eventually she'll go away, wait for her to leave after turning off the TV, and dont go upstairs. Remember not to look at her. Have fun!!

Spooky game! :) Keep up the good work